Joe Burton Company in Tucker, Georgia has a complete line of high-quality products at the best prices for a wide range of commercial applications. Our top-of-the-line selections frequently increase energy efficiency and help decrease monthly expenses. Details about some of these follow.

Commercial Skylights

The experienced professionals at Joe Burton Company sell and install magnificent-looking commercial skylights in large buildings. The use of this appealing design element enhances any architectural design and offers the following benefits:

  • Creates a beautiful and positive environment

  • Offers a sense of space, cleanliness and brightness

  • Stimulates visitors’ energy and encourages longer visits

  • Helps increase sales and customer loyalty

  • Improves employees’ attitude and customer service

  • Provides a natural source of light during power failures

Tectum Roof Deck

  • When Acoustics, Style, Insulation & Strength Are Required

  • Facilitates acoustics which are a key element of good building design and have been proven to affect an occupant’s perception of the quality of a space. No matter what kind of space, good acoustics make the sounds cleaner, clearer and more easily understood.

  • Creates style is a critical element for most spaces, and today Tectum Products provide a tremendous range of options.

  • Commonly used in public spacing, auditoriums and gymnasiums.

Louvers & Sunshades

These window blinds or shutters, with angled horizontal slats, are generally made of the following materials:

  • Aluminum

Louvers allow light and air to enter a building while blocking rain, direct sunshine and noise. Slats may be adjustable, usually in blinds and windows, or stationary. To improve daylight, air circulation, temperature and flood control, users can open and close them with a metal lever, pulleys or motorized operators.

Joe Burton Company offers a wide variety of sunshades to meet the specific needs of your building. Just a few of the options include:

  • Exterior: Cantilevered, horizontal, vertical and inclined selections screen direct light in atriums, offices and walkways.

  • Vertical: This popular option is available in bar grille, extruded aluminum, airfoil and perforated metal materials.

  • Perforated: Our experts can customize the spacing, shape and size of the openings to create a unique look.

  • Photovoltaic: This green product converts the sun’s natural energy into electricity.

Building Specialties Products

Joe Burton Company also provides life-saving fire equipment including extinguishers and more. We also sell and install durable and long-lasting bathroom partitions, lockers, flag poles, projection screens, aluminum letters and entrance mats. For more information about all of our quality products and services, call Joe Burton Company at 770-938-2730 today!